What is the difference between XETL and ETL?

what is the difference between XETL and ETL?
now i bought XETL, will it have the same value as ETL?

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xETL are the contracts you get directly from etherlite.org when you purchase. I believe there are other ways to obtain xETL. You will need to open an xETL account on your wallet (I imagine you have already done this) and connect the wallet to www.etherlite.org
On the main site there is a link for the process in converting xETL to ETL. xETL is not much use to you as it is not the token to use on the fork for dAaps and providing movement of contracts by becoming a validator or deligator. Convert it so it becomes useful.

I was not able to convert my xETL to etl as I have 0 ETL for transaction fee what should i do ?