Validator very small rewards

Why new validators get small rewards (around 70 ETL for 1 epoch with 100,000 ETL staked) note that many other validators got the same.

According to the blockchain, we validate only blocks with more than 1 transaction. Is that right? See link below to explorer.

0xC9F20842ff78E25C0c982CF26adFbbb86cbd2CcF - Mainnet Explorer

So for my pool Antares1, I got 71 ETL.

The price of renting a server will get me X 50 more coins on the exchanges.

An older pool like pool_15 will validate blocks with 0 transaction (so there is a lot more of those) therefore just staking 10,000 ETL got me 50 ETL on pool_15.

Is this how it’s suppose to work?

BTW. The Average block time when from 3 seconds on epoch 13, 5 seconds on epoch 14 and now at 7.8 seconds on epoch 15

So, now rewards/epochs will be every 16 days instead of 7 days with 3 seconds block. Even less coins per month.

It’s gonna be hard to get validators to rent servers for this amount of coins unless our pools get to validate the same amount of blocks as (for example pool_15) then a validators would get at least 500 ETL(or close to) per epoch.

Thanks for getting back to me with some clarification.


AWS Compute Optimizer found that my instance’s CPU, EBS throughput, EBS IOPS, network bandwidth and network PPS are over-provisioned.

Switching from c5.xlarge at $0.1700 per hour to t3.large $0.0832 per hour. This would cut the cost in half. This would help us with the server cost while we wait to hear about the problem with low validator rewards. I’ve only got 1 pool Borealis, but at $0.17/hr that’s $120/mo.


You can go even smaller, there is no need to have all that power on a new started blockchain.

The important thing is to monitor your nodes. I use Site24x7 for my 5 nodes. See pic below.

If CPU load goes over 60% and/or memory over 70% and/or Disk Space over 75%, then I will upgrade.

Furthermore, I get SMS if any of my servers goes Down and/or Critical and/or in Trouble.

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Thank you Antares.
It’s good to work together while we wait for info from the Dev team.
Which instance size did you find sufficient?
And you find Site24x7 is better than the Alarms that can be set in AWS?

AWS doc for resizing instances

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I’m not using AWS and I will never do. I can’t be part of this beautiful EtherLite decentralized project and sponsor the most centralized, unethical and overprice company in the world.

Probably most EtherLite validator nodes with AWS are located at the same place (Ohio, USA). The goal is to be spread all over the world.

I’m using VULTR and Digital Ocean. I run 4 nodes with VULTR (Amsterdam, Tokyo, Singapore, Seoul) and 1 with Digital Ocean (Amsterdam).

Furthermore, I will be releasing a VULTR and Digital Ocean procedure on GitHub and a YouTube how to video next week.

Plus a new unofficial Discord channel for some technical support EtherLite (ETL) Unofficial

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More AWS troubles! This is from a friend, he’s concerned about what data he’ll loose when he stops/starts his instant that AWS is about to retire b/c their hardware is failing. His instance is only 10 days old. He’ll be joining your discord too!

Yes, this is bad. You will see in my procedure in step 15. You can Setup Monitoring with a simple crontab entry. (so If your node go offline, it will restart automatically with Docker and OpenEthereum back up and running)

What I can see from AWS message above is you will have to do it manually, and you might have to reinstall everything from scratch.

Hi Antares, are you a Dev?

I am having the same problem as you outlined above so it is not financially feasible and sustainable for me.

Dev, can I unstake as a validator? I will instead stake a delegator since the rewards are way higher as a delegator and with no added cost.

Can a Dev confirm this so I can unstake at the end of this epoch.

No, not a Dev. Just runing validator nodes like you.

Some more info on validator node rewards:

Validators are getting more in a pool. Flat 30% + all transactions fees (this will change a bit when they start burning % of transaction fee)

Delegators get to split the rest, 70% and no transactions fees.

That being said, there are 201600 blocks in one epoch. Since this is a new blockchain network, maybe around 28000 with at least 1 transaction and 173600 with 0 transactions.

New validator node like Antares 2 will validate only block with minimum 1 transaction in it, see explorer: 0x98712d3726c07705488A7D4816F47DD0d3aF53Bf - Mainnet Explorer

Only Old validator nodes (with some kind of privilege) like pool_15 will validate blocks with 0 Transaction, therefore making better rewards for them and Delegators, check explorer: 0xf3A5612a0E129f936180974a0B49ed983822d13C - Mainnet Explorer

This is not a node performance issue (it could be if your node is unreachable, but my nodes are running 100%, monitoring with

If you ask in the Telegram channel, the moderator will tell you that it’s your node performance, NO it’s not, it’s in the coding.

Is this fair? Not really. But eventually, when all 201600 blocks of an epoch is validated with transactions then all Validators will make similar rewards.

Unlike The masternode system in Dash and Syscoin where all masternodes validate the same number of blocks in a month. EtherLite work a bit differently, like a lottery system where nodes are randomly selected for validation. So yes, some pool will make a bit more than others.

For my part, I’m here for the long run, with no intention of removing my nodes from the network. I’m making less for now, but will start making more on the next epoch, and more on the next next one and so on. Plus, the price of ETL will also go up, not to mention me and my nodes Antares1 to 5 will acquire a reputation that will pay back in the future.

I looked at Antares 2 link you posted and saw it reports Blocks validated, and lists the transactions in the block. Then I looked at mine, it doesn’t have the Blocks tab, and is not validating transaction. Do you have to wait a full epoch, or did I not win a lottery spot as a validator?
I became a validator about 1 day after epoch 14 started, and now epoch 15 is about to end. I read all the Validator Reward Structure in the whitepaper but it didn’t address this. Did I miss something in setup?

Also whitepaper says "Reward Note: Hard working validators are rewarded more than others. shares will only be equal if every validator produces blocks continuously. If a validator skips blocks, their pool will receive proportionally less reward than other (continuously working) validators. "
How does one work hard as a validator? Is there more requirements than just keeping your server running 24x7?

Found this today, answers some of my epoch questions.
Also Etherlite Help said: epoc15 taking so long - It depends on block time/ validation,

First, lets find your node address.

Not the wallet address you paid for, The one generated with this command: ./openethereum account new --keys-path=data/keys --password=password --chain=etherlite

You know you are selected when you get those contract transactions “CommitHash” and “revealNumber” a couple hours before a new epoch, see pic

My five nodes are the same configuration, (except the location). Some are performing bether than the others.
The only transactions I have are from initial setup 26 days ago.

When I go to transactions, it says no Blocks validated.

Epoch 16 just ended, when I click Claim Reward it says
Your reward amount is 168.768577959644563045 ETL
But Metamask says 0.

It’s a contract interaction, it’s normal the 0, only gas fee is use, just click to confirm then the 168 ETL will be deposited in your account. Got my 5 rewards like that earlier.

I can’t check the explorer right now. It’s not available. Will try later.

But I think you gave me your wallet address: 0xf2e6eCc882a835c868e046108fBcbA4c56c83Cbd

To get your Validator node address go to your server and type

cd validator-node-dockerized
nano .env

3rd line you will see your Account address

The claim worked fine even though it said 0 in the MetaMask, when I clicked Confirm it went right to the balance. But doesn’t look like 18% APY at this rate.

Oh it was: cd /opt/validator-node-dockerized
And I found my validator node

Now I see the Blocks.
Under Transactions I got a CommitHash 3 days ago right before epoch 16 began, but no RevealNumber. So I lost the validator election? Must have been rigged & stolen LOL.

Thanks for the help. I’m a PC programmer, but it was hard as a Linnux newb to get through the setup.
I looked at this from AWS to see if they have a control panel UI rather than command line for setting up the Instance & keypair file node, but this too was still very technical.

Tutorial: Get started with Amazon EC2 Linux instances
10 min tutorial How to Remotely Run Commands on an EC2 Instance with AWS Systems Manager | AWS

Won’t this limit adoption only to blockchain developers & engineers? Is there a simpler to way to become a validator?
Guess I’ll have to listen to this corny guy to figure it out
How to become a blockchain developer in 2021

Well my guide is much easyer and a much cheaper option than AWS

You revealNumber is on page 4

Oh great, I won the validator lottery :smile:
Yes, now that I’ve the setup once I can follow the steps in your guide. It’s still a challenge when not familiar with Linnux. Your video makes it easy to follow, with the screen capture and narration. Well done.

How To Create an EtherLite validator node on VULTR or DIGITAL OCEAN

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