The classic Snake game now on Etherlite!

We are happy to announce the launch of a new dApp on Etherlite, the SNAKE game
Find details of the dApp, its features and how-to use the dApp below.


Slither your way to glory! Play the freemium, addictive and fun classic arcade game, Snake, now on the Etherlite Blockchain.

All of us have played this classic game of snake on either Mobile, PC or web at some point in our lives. Now introduced as a dapp on the Etherlite blockchain, be a part of this rapidly expanding community by playing this freemium game online on supported browsers

Features of the Snake game:

  • Play endlessly! You don’t need to pay anything to start a new game
  • Play Online on Windows PC or Mac.
  • Simple interface, easy controls can keep you occupied for hours!
  • The freemium part is you pay only if you wan to resume at a previous score.

To play the game you need to install the Metamask extension in your browser and connect your wallet from Metamask to the game. If you don’t have a wallet on Metamask create a new wallet in the span of minutes. Make sure you are connected to Etherlite Mainnet in Metamask. The browsers supported for the game are Chrome, Firefox, Brave and Edge.

It has simple ‘arrow keys’ controls where you can make the snake go where you want by using the arrow keys to try to avoid hitting the walls or eating your own tail while trying to eat the dots to increase your score.

You can toggle the speed at which you play between slow, normal and fast, as well as turn the walls off. If you turn the walls off, you can pass through the wall to come out from the other part of the screen, and the only way you would die is if you hit your own tail.

You can play the unlimited times for free, but if you die, the score reduces to zero. To resume at the score where you die, you would have to pay a small fee (incl of gas fees). Every time the snake dies in the game, you would get the choice to either continue by paying a small fee or start a new game.

Please visit the below link to play the game

And where is it possible to play this game? I don’t see any link. Thank you


The link to play the game

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I played it
Itz awesome
Love you EtherLite