Support on Launching a Validator Node

How to launch Etherlite validator node with Docker Compose and OpenEthereum

  1. Install Docker Engine and Docker Compose following the original instructions Get Docker | Docker Documentation and

  2. Clone this repo:

 git clone

 cd validator-node-dockerized
  1. To be a validator, you need to download the binary from official etherlite
 apt install -y unzip

 curl -L "" -o

  1. Create password file for mining account.
 nano password
  1. Create your mining account
 openethereum account new --keys-path=data/keys --password=password --chain=etherlite
  1. Copy .env.example to .env and configure the .env file. There are a few settings you need to define:


  • EXT_IP - External IP of the current server.

  • ACCOUNT - Your mining address (with leading 0x).

  1. Start your node.
 docker-compose up -d

To restart you need to use docker-compose stop and docker-compose start being in the validator-node-dockerized directory.

More Info on

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And a collective THANK YOU!! goes out from the n00bs who support this project in spirit and want to support with validator nodes. That’s me, I’m the n00b.

Hi, a noob qns, If I am changing a laptop, how will it affect the validator node?( AWS account or IP address etc)

I am stuck on the 2nd part of setting up Etherlite Validator Node… can you please help

Hello: I’m stuck at #5 - Creating mining account. Open Ethereum account new command not being recognized. I’m copying and pasting. Kindly advise.