Question from a wannabe Validator

Hello community! I intend to run a validator node, yet I am a layman in all things crypto. I believe heavily in the project and wanted to be a part from the ground floor.
Where can I turn for trusted advice on setting up a node? What level of knowledge do you need to keep these nodes safe? What information should I be looking up?
I really appreciate any basic explanation as I will want to learn all I can before I risk any of my addresses in mucking around with things I am not sure of.

Possibility 2 is just stake for the year and do my research. Any paths to take regarding research please let me know.

Thanks everyone for the advice.

Kind regards,

If layman in all things crypto, then first start by watching this beautiful video about why need consensus protocols and how does this even work.
Then you can learn about how PoS works, once you know the importance/role of validators then rest is easy.

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I got a sense that it was easy and thank you for the link. If you have others please feel free to DM me. I sensed the importance of this project. I will learn, learn, learn.

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