OpenEthereum Client Upgrade

As we are aware, in the Validator Staking of the EtherLite Network’s 18-19th Epoch, validators did not get their rewards. This has happened as currently, events emitted by the validator set contract when the openetheruem consensus engine calls to finalize change, these are not observable (i.e. the events emitted may not be detected or may be missed by the engine). This is a limitation of how “system” transactions are implemented at the moment in OpenEthereum ref: Validator Sets · OpenEthereum Documentation.
The finalize change call is responsible for the execution of the reward function and this function performs all of the operations needed for controlling numbers revealed by validators, accumulating block producing statistics, starting a new staking epoch, snapshotting staking amounts for the upcoming staking epoch, and rewards distributing at the end of a staking epoch A consequence of the above-stated limitation is the rewards are not distributed to some/all validators.

As we know, presently, we have used OpenEthereum as a client with a version OpenEthereum//v3.2.2-rc.1-stable-582bca3-20210331/x86_64-linux-gnu/rustc1.51.0 and the above-stated limitation is with this client version. There is a randomness to when this limitation can occur, and until Epoch - 18 had not occurred on Etherlite.

EtherLite will now be updating to the OpenEthereum’s latest stable release for EtherLite Client which is the OpenEthereum v3.3.0-rc.15. This new client version will significantly reduce the chances of the limitation occurring again. We will soon be creating a patch with the updated client and will announce the release in the community. In order to launch this stable release, we will use the next two epochs for testing.
Every validator should update their node with this new client once it is released and when the up-gradation process is successfully completed, every validator and delegator shall get their pending rewards.

That’s not it, besides streamlining the staking protocol, there are multiple fixes and enhancements in the newer version as mentioned below:

• Add eip1559FeeCollector and eip1559FeeCollectorTransition spec options

• Ignore GetNodeData requests only for non-AuRa chains

• Fix MinGasPrice config option for POS and EIP-1559

• Backport: Block sync stopped without any errors.

• AuRa multi-block reward