My ETL disappeared from staking

I staked my ETL after long time, I withdraw but it did not show up in my metamask 3 days gone

The same thing happened to me, my ETL did not appear on my meta mask since a month now.

@coliether, kindly advise whether you have withdrawn or claim for the withdrawal?
If you have withdrawn you will get your ETL in your next epoch.

@Ragiqueen, please provide us with your staking address & Pool name.


@Ragiqueen , thanks for the information but we need the withdrawal transaction hash from the pool for us to check the status of your withdrawal.

Please what do you mean by withdrawal hash? I don’t understand

@Ragiqueen , kindly share with us the transaction hash you got when you withdraw your ETL from the pool.

Richard please assist me… I unstaked my etherlite in different pools. The epoch has changed but not got them back. Unstaked 15 000 in different pools. How do I withdraw or get back my etherlite

@Jeff, kindly note that a delegators can withdraw their stake from pools during the majority of a staking epoch. The exception is a defined time-span at the end of each epoch for Validator Selection Process.

There are two scenarios for withdrawals for Delegators.

Scenario 1: Delegators can withdraw from a pool immediately if they withdraw during the same epoch as the one when they staked their ETLs.

Scenario 2: IF the pool they staked in is selected in the next epoch, they can initiate a withdrawal but will not be able claim that withdrawal until 2 epochs later.

For eg. If a delegator stakes their ETLs in a pool in Epoch 15 they will be able to withdraw their stake immediately in the same Epoch and the ETLs will reflect back in their wallet immediately after. But if they do not withdraw their stake and the pool is selected for the next Epoch (which is true for most Epochs currently) then they cannot withdraw immediately in the same Epoch i.e for the purpose of this eg. Epoch 16. They can initiate a withdrawal in Epoch 16 but will not be able to claim or view it immediately in their wallet. The ETLs, though, will still be visible in the pool. In Epoch 17 the user’s withdrawal initiation request will be active but they cannot claim the withdrawal yet. In this Epoch the ETLs will neither be visible in the pool nor in the wallet. In Epoch 18 the user will be able claim his withdrawal and the ETLs will reflect in his wallet immediately

Richard thank you for replying fast and in detail. So in other words

  1. I staked in 6 pools at 16 epoch

  2. I wait till epoch 18 as i have already unstaked

  3. My etherlite will come automatically back or I need to log into what webpage to claim it back ?

  4. How long will it take for the epoch to reach next epoch?

  5. Am confused on what to do as its a lot of etherlite 15 000

Please advise what I do or info you need to check for me

@Jeff, if you have initiated the withdrawal request in the 17th epoch then you will be able to claim your withdrawal in the 20th epoch and your ETL will reflect in your wallet.

Logon to and refer to the “Next Epoch In” section you will see the remaining blocks for the next epoch. You can keep a check on the current block time on the EtherLite explorer -


Can you tell me what is this validation

Some admin on telegram group told me to do so

@Jeff our developers don’t confirm this website ( as it doesn’t belong to EtherLite. We recommend you to be cautious when you are on any website which doesn’t belong to EtherLite.

Also ensure that you are on our official Telegram group for any assistance.
Telegram group: Telegram: Contact @EtherLiteOfficial

I cannot find ETL in Metamask aft unstaking. Im aware abt the epoch. I staked my ETL on Oct 15. Here are the details…

ETL Staking MM

Pool 46 0x492f07273a2Cc688a028033389E37a6a4eE23847

Transaction ID 0xa4835f80cd0272640bac850bc0c5fbea0102d25c1ba1f00a8c75698536ee6f47

Can pls anybody help!

Thank you!

@Lagon , may we please know on which epoch number you have placed your withdrawal request ?

I Cannot remember, sorry. I’d say 16 up as i stked ETL on November 15, 2021.

@Lagon, please be informed that after you placed the withdrawal request of your staking you will be able to claim your ETL only after completing 3 epoch. For example, if you have placed the withdrawal request at the current epoch (19 epoch) then you will be able to claim your ETL only in the 22 epoch

So I linked my metamask. I selected an active pool. I staked 1000 twice. I can see the transaction went through on metamask. I can see the etl has 2000 less but when I select show only those I have stake in nothing shows

Hello @Victor1
Can please provide us with the Metamask wallet address that you used for the transaction to stake. Also, please provide us the names of the pools you staked in