Lost Xetl after buying through a trust wallet

I bought xml through a trust wallet, without adding etherlite network before doing the transaction. My payment was successful, but I didn’t get my tokens. Is it possible to recover lost tokens?

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Same, I would like to know the solution. Bough ETL, on trust wallet, and its nowhere to be found :frowning:

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same happened to me and can’t reach admin on FB. are we scammed?

Make habit of the Reading, No one has scammed to anyone
EtherLite is the first ICO which allows cross chain buying, When you buy xETL through ETH, BNB or USDT and your transaction confirmed then you will get your xETL in the main net of the EtherLite not in your original chain like Eth or BnB,
Once txt is confirmed you’ll have to scan your wallet to the official explorer, explorer.etherlite.org
0xB1ea961DAc3CBaA807a9B4A3fAe7EBF59Bc41CB9 - Mainnet Explorer
EtherLite comes with the great technology you just need to read whole thing and become part of the trusted Community

Same problem. I can’t see my xETL in my metamask. Added the etherlite network and the custom token but it’s still on 0. Transaction successful.

Hi @Appu
Thanks for ur comment. Still a question:
I bought xETL on Metamask through ETH on 17th May.
All fine. I see the 1528 xETL on etherlite.org (Etherlite Main Network).
Yesterday i bought again (Metamask through ETH) … same as on 17th. Transaction confirmed … but on etherlite.org it still shows the ‘old’ number of 1528 xETL ???!!! Where are the new ones, that I bought yesterday?

Any idea? THX!!

Thanks @pablo66 for your query
I would love to solve it, but because of your account’s privacy I would suggest you to go through the official telegram group EtherLite Official
Telegram: Contact @EtherLiteOfficial and PM to @JeanAuditor
You will get the support you need.
Thanks again
Happy Buying EtherLite

hii @Appu please help me iam very new to this
i bought ETL with bnb successfully and now it is nowhere to be found
transaction hash : 0x23db4e3548bbd78173cf1831d1b42e7f376384bc79bd09d13d8bfc4ab8cad9ec

my transaction : Binance Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | BscScan

My transaction hash


I used BNB to buy xETL from trust wallet. Now my BNB is deducted and I cannot see xETL on my wallet.

Tried adding token but doesn’t work.

What to do. Please help.

Hi I have the same problem I swapped my OAPs to ETL successfully on Trust wallet but I can’t see my ETL tokens. Please send me step by step on how to connect my Trust wallet to the Etherlite Mannet so I can view my tokens, or whatever it is I should do

what was cost of 1528 xETL in USD. I paid $900USD for 999.1521 XETL worth about $77.93