Lost Tokens! Successful Transaction But No xETL!

Purchased Etherlite on ETH Mainnet before adding Etherlite Mainnet
Transaction shows successful purchase of xETL for ETH, but nothing is showing up.
Transaction shouldn’t have gone through if I didn’t receive my xETL!

Transaction Hash:

Please Help!

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Was able to finally see my xETL on the main website, still not reflecting on my MetaMask though

how to see purchased xETL? didn’t received mine on my trustwallet.

for that you have to add xETL token in the Metamask (Custom Token)

I have added xETL in Metamask. But it still shows 0 xETL there.

Now I switched to the Etherlite main network and I see the number of xETL on the web page in the section where we can buy. But I still do not see them in my Metamask wallet.