Lost Tokens! Purchased Etherlite on ETH Mainnet before adding Etherlite Mainnet

When I purchased EtherLite on there main website www.Etherlite.org, I connected my wallet and bought xETL using ETH connected to my Ethereum Mainnet, however I forgot to add the EtherLite Mainnet before purchasing EtherLite.

*I’ve tried adding Etherlite Mainnet after purchase, added the xETL custom token to my wallet and my balance is still 0.

Here is my transaction:


Any help recovering is greatly appreciated!

Oh, I think I know this one. The Xetl doesnt appear in your metamask wallet, it appears on the official etherlite site when you change your wallet over to the etherlite mainnet, in metamask, then go to the offical website and it should show you a count of how many you have.

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Read my reply to OP, and also you might need to hit refresh on the page, but where you would normally see the buy option you should see your XETL amount.

I am having a similar issue. The purchase went through but I still have no coins in my wallet.

Transaction ID


I’ve tried contacting someone official as Telegram Site Administrators ignore me. My Metamask account was Hacked, some overlay function connecting wallets to Uniswap.
But I bought Pre-ICO n all my Coins from BTC, ETH, BNB n all my xETL is gone, how can I reach someone that can actually help?

Contact Metamask Support, logically, no one can withdraw these ETL and swap them before July 1

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In an update, Telegram officials are way backed up n by no means intended to ignore my situation. However, question arose during Filing a police report how come they cannot cancel a transaction with a pre-denominator on it being that its worth $0 until actual conversion and listing. Should be able to restore a valid Authentic replacement! Etherlite.org has yet to respond! Filing with FTC
Buyers pay attention to the connect wallet on their website make sure its a true connection. If it loops pending its a hack being used against metamask n website wallet connections. This will take Every Coin u own stored in your wallet!

Thanks, I’ve tried n no responses. I’ll repeat tomorrow and see. What I know is there is an Approval process for transferring, buying ETL etc… which means that the Pre-ICO coins are fully controlled. No reason whatsoever ETHERLITE Foundation can’t reject the old coins, replace with the new ones. This is the point the detectives are making clear to me, I didn’t even understand that until they called me today. I’ll keep you posted as I truly would like this to be successful launch! Gas Fee’s r just too much.

Metamask has made same claims ETL has. ETL HAS provided us guarantees upon pre-ICO Until July 1st our Tokens were safeguarded. This is proving to be Fraudulent! I have an Attorney, Feds, n others looking into it especially as my family is pushing Texas into the mix. Yesterday Texas Banks are now allowed to carry cryptocurrency.
KYC - U should do your research before u screw your investors…
I have a video made but my emotion was in it n don’t wanna use cursing by accident on how easy it is to hack Metamask or Google extention but it will b broadcast soon. The deception
greed have to stop n more accountability held in these blatant illusions costing thousands of us across the board. I expected better. I was wrong. Now just let’s see if it’s Ponzi, Pump n Dump or whatever have u in 3 Weeks! Since they won’t communicate with me as a normal capacity. My Attorney has assured me otherwise. GOD BLESS!
I was so excited n wanted to give a better update of 5 stars I’m sorry I can’t even find 1 to give unless it’s for False Marketing Practices!