Lost Tokens! Purchased Etherlite on BNB Mainnet before adding Etherlite Mainnet

When I purchased EtherLite on there main website www.Etherlite.org , I connected my wallet and bought xETL using BNB connected to my Binance Smart CHain, however I forgot to add the EtherLite Mainnet before purchasing EtherLite.

*I’ve tried adding Etherlite Mainnet after purchase, added the xETL custom token to my wallet and my balance is still 0.

Here is my transaction:

Any help recovering is greatly appreciated!

And when i connect to explorer.etherlite.org with MetaMask, it doesn’t show any tokens.

Here’s my page:


xETL are now displayed on MetaMask but on explorer.etherlite.org it only shows 1 token and 0 ETL.

Hey @Ilyas Thanks for your Message
I can see that you are having more than 255 xETL
you just need to check and double click on 1Token

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