Lost my Token through swapping process

Hi i have done my OAP swapping and it shows gas fee issues and i decided to leave it like that but when i open my wallet the fallawing day all my OAP and Eth was gone didnt get any Etl. It been 30 hours now amd i am extremly worried. Please help.

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I have a similar issue here waiting for ETL after successful transfer of OAP which took some time during which the computer restarted after the 2nd day of waiting for updates on the windows operating system . Now the OAP is gone transaction confirmed with evidenced documentaion but the ETL is not showing even though the etherlite mainnet has been added to the metamask wallet hosting my tokens . Telegram admins have suggested contacting @oapsupport but this group is not allowing messaging as they do not add contacts and so impossible to message . This has been my experience and if this is the right forum to request help for shuch . will appreciate a feedback from the right folks thanks