I can't find my ETLs


I made 3 purchases of ETL but, I can seem to find any of them or have access to them. I need help please…see transactions below;


Hi Guys,

I managed to resolve this myself. I simply added the xETL token under the Etherlite Mainnet in my metamask and all the xETL simply reflected.

I used this details - The contract address to add xETL in EtherLite Mainnet: 0x09bb05Fb0ADD20Fe93F4Ce6DE346D64D5c9999de

Anyone with same issue can use the details above to resolve the issue.


Yes please, I also have the same issue
I can’t find ETL listed on METAMASK

And I also wanna ask will I get free ETLs upon creation of the wallet, are I have the purchase

Read my messages above and follow the steps I took to find the ETL.

Add Etherlite Mainnet to your Metamask and then Add ETL Token to your Etherlite Mainnet.

There are lots of videos on YouTube to use as guide. Follow the steps and copy the required details under the video. This is what I used mostly to solve my issue.