How to view Internal transactions on the EtherLite Explorer

To view Internal Transactions on your PC/Mobile, simply paste your wallet address in the Etherlite explorer search bar

A pop-down menu will appear that highlights your address. Click on the address and the page will now display the details of the address.

Below the address details and balance boxes, you can view the transactions, internal transactions, and coin history tabs. Click on the Internal Transaction Tabs.

The tab will open to display all the internal transactions up to the most recent transaction

Similarly, on mobile open the Etherlite explorer and paste your address into the search bar at the top.

The page will then display the address details, balance, and transaction tab. On clicking the transaction tab you will view the other options i.e Internal Transactions and Coin Balance.

Click on internal transactions to view all the transactions up to the most recent transaction.

Note: Addresses used in the above images are representational and only for the purpose of this post. Every attempt has been made to keep the anonymity of the addresses.