How to get back my etl

I need assistance on how I can get back my etl wrongly sent to a smart contract address. I need etherlite. org support, to help me recover them, please help

I also need to get my ETL back. I withdrew 8865 ETL from staking Pool 34 today. When doing the withdrawal I got a transaction failed message however the staked ETL are no longer in the staking pool 34 and they are not in my wallet either. Can someone please help me recover my ETLs.

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Can you please share the transaction hash

I have the same issue. I mistakenly sent my ETL to xETL contact from MetaMask to trust wallet. Can or someone please assist me to recover my ETL

Hi we are sorry but we cannot help you as in your case the ETL to xETL contract from MetaMask to Trust Wallet is a user to user transfer and we cannot do anything from our end to track or recover those ETL.

Thank you for responding to me Jack, here is my
hash rate


Was sent from wallet address below


The Smart Contract address I sent to was


PLEASE help me!!

The transaction was done on 08-16-2021
At 08:26:12 AM+2 UTC

Block no. 2914670 on

This is the time done, thank you

Hi Yontu80, we are sorry but we cannot help you, as the ETLs were sent directly by yourself to a smart contract address. Even though you have given us the smart contract address, we cannot do anything from our end to recover those ETLs unilaterally.