How do I get my ETL rewards as a delegator?

Once a delegator stakes in a pool, they will be eligible for rewards from the next epoch. At the end of the epoch, an algorithm creates a snapshot of the current state of the validators’ pools.The snapshot is used to calculate the reward amount for validators and delegators when they claim the reward. The new staking epoch begins immediately following the termination of the previous epoch.

In the new epoch the delegators will earn rewards for having staked in a pool in the previous epoch. But those rewards will be calculated in the next epoch and can be claimed by the delegator in the epoch after that. Delegators must claim their ETL using the claim button to get rewards back to their wallet. Rewards are distributed at the end of a staking epoch to the delegators.

To better understand the whole process of how rewards are earned and can be claimed by a delegator we have provided a scenario below

For eg. If a delegator staked his ETLs initially in epoch 1, he will only be eligible for rewards in epoch 2. At the end of epoch 1 an algorithm will create a snapshot of the pool to calculate the rewards for delagators.

In epoch 2 the delagator will earn the rewards for epoch 1. But these rewards will not be immediately calculated and hence cannot be claimed immediately.

In epoch 3 the rewards will be calculated for epoch 1. Also the rewards for epoch 2 will be earned in this epoch 3, but similar to rewards for epoch 1 will be calculated in the next epoch i.e epoch 4.

In epoch 4 the rewards for epoch 1 will be paid, which can be claimed by the delegator by clicking on the ‘Claim Rewards for Delagator’ tab. Here the delegator will find the rewards the delagator can claim.

Once the user clicks on the claim button the rewards will be immediately reflected back in the delagators wallet.