Help EtherLite by contacting YouTube cryptocurrency influencers

I just got a list of 24 personal emails of the top YouTube cryptocurrency influencers.

Today, I will contact them one by one. Probably nothing will happen. But if 20 people send a message asking them to make a review of the EtherLite project, maybe 2 or 3 will do so.

This is the list:

Crypto Tips
Ivan on Tech
Crypto Daily
Lark Davis
Crypto Love
Crypto Beadles
BitBoy Crypto
Crypto Zombie
Crypto Point Hindi
Crypto Banter
Zebpay Cryptocurrency Exchange
Bitcoin Trading Challenge
Cryptocurrency Market Tai@Cryptocurrency.Market
Cryptocurrency Market Leon@Cryptocurrency.Market
Crypto Savy
Crypto Gnome
Operation Crypto
MrSotko CryptoCurrency
Cryptocurrency Education
Miss Teen Crypto

Remember, this is a decentralized project where anyone can take part.

Please do not send to all at once using CC, this will look spammy. Send it in a more personal way, like:

Hello Lark Davis, I’m a big fan of your YouTube channel.

I Would like to have your thought on the EtherLite (ETL) Project, or get the full review on your channel.

Also, make sure you don’t have any links in your message, so it will not end up in the spam folder. Don’t worry, just the coin name and ticker is enough to find the project.

Thanks, for your help!


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Thank you - I’m on it!
This is the proactive action all supporters of Etherlite can take.

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