Hardfork or AirDrop?

I’m bit confused about the EtherLite hardfork and airdrop.
If it is a hardfork, the users will get same amount of ETH in their wallet.
Why airdrop?
Trying to clarify if EtherLite is totally new blockchain which uses Ethereum Virtual Machine or it is a hardfork similar to BCH.

Also I couldn’t get the information about the total amount of ETL on YellowPaper… Will it be same as Ethereum?



ETL has 21 B supply you can see the allocation of ETL as above mentioned Picture which I get from the Yellow Paper.

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Finally we did It with The fork of ETH on Block 12345678 and EtherLite has Launched its Main Net

Anyone can visit

Now the best part is Airdrop

From 1st May to 15th May Approximately 175 M wallet balance will be synced to ETL chain.

15th May Check your ETL Airdrop balance on website every person who has ETH in their personal wallet on the above Block will get EtherLite as an Airdrop.