ETL with Bnb question

Sent 3 bnb & another .6 for ETL but have not received it yet, not sure how ETL works for receiving it.

TX ID: (3bnb) 0x1f34f5f057acfe50677ff47134fa8a6dc645237a09f1129e4d724592bae9e917

Tx ID (0.6 bnb) 0x4184e461f292427ae199d3f09284af094d66949a447d2f57c9ef67d97acd609f

Add both ETL & xEtl to the mainnet & still 0

The same happened to me, bought ETL from BNB via Metamask wallet

The transaction is a success but can’t ETL in the account. Added ETL Mainet both ETL & xEtl are 0

Also try to add “0x1beea6eb8b8823fa519c61754d0e6b5ed2dce7f8” to BSC still 0

can someone help

same with me please help me find my token
my transaction hash

It took around 12hrs for me… but it start coming few mins back only…May be waiting is the only answer

Same here please help.

Transaction hash


The trust wallet doesn’t have the token. I tried adding custom xETL token but it shows 0 only.

Please help. I bought from BNB through the main website of etherlite. Now my BNB is deducted but I havent received xETL.