Etherlite tokens not being credited

I signed up to buy etherlite tokens and was supposed to get 10 OAP each month which would then convert to 300 Etherlite each month. I was only able to convert once and that was it. Very disappointed as there is no way to get help or update. I contacted the help centre and is been 2 months with no response. I hope this is not a scam

Hello @tinashito
We are sorry to hear about the inconvenience you have faced to get help. Unfortunately in your case, we cannot help you as you can convert your OAPs for etherlite only once through our OAP bridge. It is up to the user to convert the entire OAPs they hold or only some part of them. Moreover, once you convert you will get to claim your ETLs 12 times, once every month. The first claim will be sent by us to your wallet, after which you will have to claim your ETLs every month. Since you have already converted your OAPs for etherlite once you cannot convert them again though you can claim your share of ETLs every month from the OAP bridge.