Etherlite Tokens Not Appearing

Hello Community,

I am new to MetaMask. I believe I have everything connected currently. I purchased some etherlite, but cannot see any tokens. I have the etherlite token added. I did not add the network until after the purchase.

Are my tokens lost? I have the registration for the completed transaction & I also have the address for the transaction. Did my tokens go to someone else? I hope someone can aid me. Thank you for your time.

Can you please provide transaction hash so that I can show you where your token is right now ?
And please don’t worry you haven’t lost your token

Hello, thank you so much. Here is my transaction hash. How do I receive my coins?


Here is your xETL
You’ve 2666 xETL you can check in the EtherLite explorer by clicking below link

Why is it I do not see it in my MetaMask assets? When will I? How do I move it?