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Im running a node with docker-compose image from your GitHub , any idea how i can see stats regarding the node. The containers are just running in the background syncing with the blockchain.

Hi, you prob already know this but $docker logs -f {container ID} might help

Perhaps you could assist me, I am running the docker image from the ETL docs but it is not connecting and restarting every 60 seconds.

Did you find a way to make it connect?
Thanks in advance!

Yeah, figured out that logging part.

Yup i noticed the node restarts every 60 seconds, but after letting it run for a while ( on my aws ec2 machine) , the blockchain eventually got synced and i was running a node and was able to interact with it. Not sure about this timeout issue tho.

cool, ill remove the healthcheck in the yml and let it run. I started it last night and it was still restarting every 60s

did you figure out how to see if the chain is syncing? my logs just end with status:active

how did you generate the mining address? I was assuming it was generated by the openethereum binary.

yes i made a python script to check at which block i was currently.

here’s my fork of that repo

Generating mining account is mentioned in the docs right

yeah, its the openeth binary.

Hella nice script!

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It will give indexError when the chain is synced completely.
Check the API docs

how did you get the jsonrpc 2.0 method values?
Im checking --help flag on openeth and the git wiki but dont see them.

nvm, postman lol, i actually forgot about that ty ty

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i have created a valid validator node. now i am trying to become a validator on but unable to add mining address. so plz advice asap.minining etl

Mining address is the one you created while running a node, pls check the docs.

i have added manually etherlite address in .env file. but not getting that address while try to become a candidate on staking website.

or tell me how can i create a minning address while creating etherlite node.

i am trying from last two days not getting sucess in become as a validator.