Changing from AWS to VULTR or Digital Ocean as a validator

Hi Dev,

I am current a Validator using aws but it was very expensive when compared to the rewards as a validator. I was just informed that Vultr or Digital Ocean is significantly cheaper to run… can I unstake as a validator to start a new pool using Vultr or Digital Ocean?

How soon would I get my unstake ETL to form a new pool?

I appreciate your prompt feedback.


Hello @Bexacwilliams
IF a candidate becomes a validator they cannot withdraw immediately but have to initiate a withdrawal. They can claim this withdrawal until 2 epochs later.

For eg. If a candidate stakes his ETLs to start a pool in Epoch 15 they will be able to withdraw their stake immediately in the same Epoch since they will not be selected as a validator and their pool will not be selected until the end of this epoch 15. In this case their unstaked ETLs will reflect back in their wallet immediately after.

But if they do not withdraw their stake and the pool is selected for the next Epoch (which is true for most Epochs currently) then they cannot withdraw immediately in the same Epoch i.e for the purpose of this eg. Epoch 16. They can initiate a withdrawal in Epoch 16 but they will not be able to claim or view it immediately in their wallet. The pool will become inactive and will not be selected for the next epoch. The ETLs, though, will still be visible in the pool.

In Epoch 17, the participant will no longer be a validator or candidate and though their withdrawal request will be active and in process they cannot claim the withdrawal yet. In this Epoch the ETLs will neither be visible in the pool nor in the wallet.

In Epoch 18 the user will be able claim his withdrawal and the ETLs will reflect in his wallet immediately.

A participant cannot withdraw at the end of an epoch during which the validator selection process is undertaken. As mentioned above the time span for this process is 14400 blocks which is 12 hours for 3 seconds block. This time-span could vary if the average block time is different.

Please also note once a participant unstakes all their ETLs from a pool they cannot use the same account to create a new pool.

To create a new pool the participant will have to create a new account on MetaMask, providing the wallet address from that account for staking.

To start a new pool on Vultr or Digital Ocean, the validator will have to undertake the same process as on AWS.

So can I instake now so that by epoch 17 I can start a new pool using Vultr? The reason I ask is I am not sure if you are the selection stage for the next epoch.

Yes, you can unstake now. The epoch selection process will begin at the end of the current epoch, the time span for which is 14400 blocks. You will have to unstake before that.

Final follow up… so I have requested a withdrawal of my staked coins… I am wondering… can I cancel my aws subscription? Would this impact the pool? It’s is costing approximately $145 with aws as apposed to $20 with Vultr etc.

Hi Dev,

Can I cancel my aws subscription now? As suggested I have requested my ETL to be unstaked… can I cancel my aws subscription.

No, please wait until you have claimed your unstaked ETLs. Once you have claimed you can cancel your subscription.

Ok thanks for getting back to me… I wanted to make sure so that nothing bad happens.