Admin behaviour in telegram group

I visited ETL help group
I’m holding more than 80k ETL in bibox,
I’m facing so much issue in transaction of bibox to metamask transfer,
Instead of helping or solve my problem,
ETL help group and official group admins making Fun on me,
They don’t want to talk about my problem and muted me,
Is this the way ETL treat me as Holder I deserve!!!
Please :pray: check the conversation
@K P my telegram I’d

Soory for the way you were treated. I have issues as well. Prior to July 1 launch. I I paid with ETHER value 900.00 US should have received 10310. XETL only received 999.1521 thru METAMASK. when I asked about prices i was muted for two months. I am waiting for class action lawsuit, which I am sure we are not the only ones to be scammed. this iks not over.

I may be able to help. Please let me know if you are still having these issues